Monday, April 27, 2009

Bargain Meals

Recently, many chain restaurants have started offering "recession" meals... the normal sized portions for half the normal price! There are many deals out there, these are some that I have come across.

* TGI Fridays: all salads and sandwiches are $5 everyday for the month of May
* Chilis: menu of 10 different entrees for less then $7
* Subway: $5 foot long sub
* Quiznos: $4 foot long "torpedo" sub

Check out your local bars for drink and appetizer weekly specials to save a few bucks! The best deal I have come across is a Tuesday Night "80s Ladies Night", spend $10 on drink(s) and get a FREE 3 course meal! Can't beat that!!!! Though it may take a little time to find, there are some great meal deals out there...

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