Friday, January 30, 2009


During these tough times, along with everyone else, I am trying to save all my pennies. Which if you knew me, you would know this is very hard to do since I love to shop... even more then just shopping, I love to hunt for the bargain. This I learned at a very early age from my mom and her best friend (my mother #2)- the bargain made that purchase even more sweet.

Some of my friends make fun of me, with the dozens of emails I get a day with freebies , coupons and sales of sales- but I think deep down they are jealous that I get the best "finds" out there ;) Because what is the fun of buying something without a challenge?

With that being said, here are a list of some of my favorite websites for the best deals. Check them out... maybe you can find that great bargain for yourself! Happy Shopping!! xoxo

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