Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FINALLY bargain time!

OMG I am so behind! I have been sooo busy the last couple of weeks- no time for bargains! Well this is a great great story to start back up again.

Last Christmas my mom bought me a tote bag from J Crew. Great bag for work, plenty of room of all my "stuff" ie, shoes, wallet, ipod, planner, make up case, card case, etc... everything for train commuting lifestyle. Loved the bag. Well about a month ago the bag broke :( One of the straps ripped on my way to work. Very inconvenient! SO I decided to write a letter to J Crew and send the bag back in hopes it could be repaired.....

What shows up in my mail box on Friday, a $42 gift card to J Crew!! And funny, my mom only spent $9 on the bag! Love you JCREW. Just in time for the extra 20% all sale items!!

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