Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sucess Story

SO I just have to tell you all about the GREAT GREAT deal I found myself. Recently in the mail I received a certificate for $10 off any purchase at Victoria Secret... I have their credit card and get coupons from them all the time (great investment to have)... I don't think I have purchased a pair of underwear in years because I am always getting coupons.. ANYWAYS, I visited the website today to see if there was anything worth using this $10 coupon on. Lucky me, they were having a special 2 bras for $40. Just to humor myself I goggled "Victoria Secret coupons" to see if there was anything else out there... I found a coupon for $10 off any bra, and some other $10 off certificate which I was able to use ALONG with my own! Saving myself $30! Crazy I know! So as I checked out online, my total ended up being $16.99 (including shipping) for 2 bras!!! My mother would be so proud ;)

Moral of the story.. ALWAYS ALWAYS take a minute to search for a coupon online before you check out!

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