Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boden USA

Last week I received a catalog in the mail from Boden USA. It had some interesting pieces- perfect for the summer or for a tropical vacation. The company started in the early 90s in England with just menswear. In 1994, they launched their womenswear line, and in 2002 they came to the US. What really caught my eye was the introduction page, written by the designer Johnnie Boden. And this brought a smile to my face on a cold winter's day.
"Choose your clothes as your would choose your friends.
The best tend to be warm, witty, and colorful.
Don't scrimp on olive oil, get the good stuff.
Avoid clothes that are worn today, worn out tomorrow-
trends will come and go (take jumpsuits).
Keep a corkscrew in your picnic basket.
Buy clothes because you like them.
They should help you feel as happy in your own skin as you were as a child.
Never stand behind a horse.
Make up your own mind.
Be yourself.
Never give up."
- Johnnie Boden

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